Winter 2016 Outcomes

Before Baby U:

After Baby U:

Pre/Post Test Results

When asked to rate their Baby U experience on a scale of 1 to 10, all parents rated Baby U at 10.

Realistic Expectations: Inappropriate parental expectations of their children at different stages of development.

Empathy: Parental lack of an empathetic awareness of their needs and their children’s needs.

Belief in Corporal Punishment: A strong belief in the use of corporal punishment as the means of disciplining children.

Reversal of Family Roles: Reversing parent-child roles: expecting children to meet the needs of the parents.

Allowing power and independence: Oppressing children’s power and independence by demanding obedience to the parent’s variable set of rules.

Parents’ comments. When asked to name 3 things they learned.

Getting Ahead Class:

Getting Ahead Class national statistics - Within 6 months of completing the program: