How Baby U Works

baby u class in session

“This class was so much fun and educational , thank you!”

It’s more than just a class.

For 10 consecutive Saturdays, parents learn how to be their children’s biggest cheerleaders.

In a judgement-free group setting, we discuss recent research and share advice about many parental issues, including discipline, stress management, home safety, and health.

another baby u class session

The parents share helpful tips with each other, learn how to strengthen their parent-child bond, and discover their potential and worth.

Experienced Moms and Dads “who have been there” share their helpful stories.

more baby u class session

Each family will be assigned a Parent Advocate who will connect the parents to helpful resources in the community.

While parents attend their class meetings, safe and fun childcare will be provided to their children.


“I was one the first ones to attend the very first session. It was so fun, and I learned a lot. Everyone was so great and helpful, and I knew my kids were safe in the little classes that they had for them. My kids loved it.”